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h. Testimonials for Sound Therapy

Find out what clients are saying about there sound therapy experiences

After sound therapy, I am much more calm and clear. I feel solid direction to move forward, take action and have peace in the process. Praj was so kind. She asked relative and helpful questions. She guided gently and she was very focused for my best outcome using sound therapy. What a beautiful experience to feel my body, accept the new input with sound and to see the change begin in small ways and continue to magnify. Feeling the vibrations throughout my body has helped me to visualize my cells changing, letting go of the old and bring in the new.- - Jennie M

I came to sound healing to try to get some more balance and centeredness in my life. Wanted to stop getting so easily frustrated and stressed out. Since sound healing I have felt a lot more calmness. I do not get worked up as easily and it takes a lot to get me frustrated. I feel happier and lighter. Prajakta was very compassionate and explained things very well. I really enjoyed the sense of relaxation I experienced during the session with Prajakta.- Nicole F

I would really like to recommend Prajakta Joshi for her sound healing therapy. She is founder of Leverage physical therapy and by profession a physical therapist. What I really like about her is her passion towards sound healing and kindness towards her clients. She is very friendly and makes sure that you feel very comfortable in her office. She explains everything properly and is very knowledgeable. I do have sleep problems and her sound healing sessions were tremendous help to me. My younger son has autism and with him, life can be stressful sometime . Her sessions were very relaxing, it helped to reduce my insomnia. I was absolutely clueless about sound healing and now it has become my absolute favorite. She uses different quality essential oils and it helps to completely relax, and forget about all your worries for some time at least. It takes you in a totally different world. Those who are interested in trying sound healing, she is a go- to person. -Sheetal D

Just give sound healing a try and you will, without a doubt, witness the refreshing and therapeutic effects of this beautiful gift Prajakta is sharing with all! -Shreya C

If you are looking for a Physical Therapist with a holistic approach and your highest good as the intention, then Prajakta Joshi is the person you are looking for. I have been to Prajakta for sound therapy and in a few sessions, she has equipped me with homework exercises and the sound therapy has made me feel balanced and calm. I felt I could hear better. Our body, mind and soul put together makes us a human being. Prajakta has a complete package of treatment for all of these, so healing feels complete. - Sushma S

I loved sound healing with Prajakta. She was knowledgeable and friendly. She put me at ease and guided me through the process. - Benita A

Prajakta is true and honest healer. I went to her for my knee problem. She diagnosed correctly and treated me using manual therapy. She also did sound therapy at that time. It was very soothing and relaxing. She puts all her intension in the therapy and of course client forgets the pain with her touch and the sound of all sound therapy instruments she uses.

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