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A. How to book and What to Expect in the Akashic Record reading session

Here are steps to book an appointment:

Select session from service page or book online tab.

Book a  session ( it takes me 2-3 days to collect information from your Akashic records and get the reading ready for you. So select date atleast 3 days from booking date) . I need your Legal Birth name, Legal current name, Birth date and Birth place to access your akashic records. This information you can fill out in booking form.

Once I receive your information, if you are a new client, I email you back to check if you have any questions prior to session.

During the session, I will record session and our complete conversation. You are free to take notes. I will provide you recording post session. So far, I never had trouble with recording, but just in case in an unlikely event , if my recording app didn't work then Imay request you to record a session or we may shift to zoom recording.

I will do clearing work ( if you select session that needs one such as Akashic Reciord-Soul Realignement) and give you homework if and as needed

You can call me back within 3 weeks as a 10 min phone call if you have any questions or if you want me to check something quick in Akashic records. I may check with you if I get guidance intuitively to see if you are on your soul-aligned action path.

Please be aware that even if I can, I do not engage in predicting future for anyone ( including myself) in Akashic records. I am a firm believer that we are here to express and experience with our "free-will" and in my opinion predicting future may bring energy of restriction and obligation. Also, predicting other people's future is not a soul-aligned path for me.

You can also send email to me before booking a session to get an idea of what session is correct for you.  I have also created Blog pages and FAQ page to answer most of your questions.

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