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D. Do you do past life reading in Akashic records?

Yes. Though intent has to be specific. "Tell me about my past lives" is not the best and efficient way to get exact information that is needed and useful. Want to know more about this topic -Read more

In Akashic records, All the information about past and present about your lives is stored energetically. However, asking a generalized question like tell me about past life is like swimming in the ocean and waiting for whatever we find without knowing desired outcome. The information like this is vague and not of any use. Past life questions you can ask with specific intent e.g. I want to change my job but I am unable to find new one. What are energetic blocks and restrictions that are blocking me from past and present life? Or a question such as "How can I loose weight ? What energetic blocks and restrictions blocking me from past and present life?" are more appropriate questions. the more specific you are the more specific the guidance and information you get. A situational analysis reading is appropriate to get the desired information from past lives.

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