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C. How is Soul Re-alignement and Situational Analysis reading are different?

The Soul Re-alignment reading is a overall package per say of an energetic reading where I tell you how your soul is with its strengths and characteristics . In this reading we will also talk about all blocks and restrictions that present in general in your life that are most crucial and also energetically possible for you to resolve. The intent is to bring awareness within you and to help you with an action plan that will guide you to re-align yourself with your higher self. With Situational analysis and relationship analysis, you set the intent. The questions or sitatuions that you want to resolve set the intent for the session. May it be bringing harmony in particular relation, understanding and resolving energetic blocks in physical, mental and/or emotional situations or any number of such questions. You and me will together set an intent according to your question that is more specific for specific energetic guidance.

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