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E. How do I know what you say in the reading is the truth?

Akashic record reading cannot be proved as absolute truth by scientific methods. As a student of science I do understand importance of validity of any method . Yet , this is holistic approach to solve mysteries of your life if you desire. Almost always when I tell my clients about my findings about them in their Records, it just feels the truth to them. However, sometimes ( especially when soul is not vibrating at level of awareness to their divine soul blueprint) it may feel as a far fetched possibility. As all the information comes through as guidance in records- I authentically convey whatever comes. I do not convey any information to cater ego or to make other person feel comfortable hearing something that "rhymes" with them. At the end, it is up to client to take steps towards action plan. After taking steps towards Soul-aligned actions, they can analyze the results that there actions produce. Generally these results are proof in themselves. There is no judgement if client doesn't feel like taking steps. Sometimes clients have said after a while that they understood with some experiences they experience later in life that now the reading makes sense to them and they are ready to take their soul-aligned actions. Whatever it is , there is no force or judgement to change or not to change. I would approach Akashic record readings as the spiritual process with divine guidance and potential plan for action. To believe and take steps or not is completely up to client and his/her free will.

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