Experience A Soul -Aligned Transformation with Akashic Records!
Rejuvenate your Mind-Body and Spirit with Energy Healing!

In every challenge, there’s an opportunity to be a better version of yourself. But, to truly transform and heal, you need to have a better understanding of who you are and where you’d like to go. I help people who are stuck in an endless cycle of sadness, uncertainty, and exhaustion find solutions from a spiritual soul-conscious perspective with a soul-aligned analysis and action plan with the help of Akashic Records.

My services encompass a holistic wellness program that addresses each client's mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. I can help you begin your healing journey by gaining an understanding of who you are and why you are here. Begin your healing journey by experiencing a soul-aligned transformation with Akashic Records reading! Please review the service options below to learn more about my unique services that are completely customized to YOU! All Akashic Records  services are offered online! Together, we can create a spiritual awakening by peeling away the layers that no longer serve or fulfill you.  

Sound Spa,  craniosacral therapy and chakra balancing are energetic healing services that are offered in person! Connect to your spiritual self, experience a meditative state of complete peace and equanimity with these energy healing services! Sound Spa combines Sound Therapy, Reiki healing, craniosacral therapy components all to give most harmonizing and peaceful experience. Connect with your higher self , rejuvenate and feel restored.

Please take a moment to review my service offerings in more detail. 


Akashic Record- Soul Profile Session

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Akashic Record Soul profile session brings awareness to us about who we are at soul level. 

Each of us are unique individuals with unique soul strengths and characteristics. We also have specializations that we have learned from lifetime to lifetime that we are really good at. Once we leverage our soul characteristics to our advantage, life becomes playground full of purpose, fun and creativity. 


What works for one individual can actually be an obstacle for other.

Once we start walking on this soul aligned path, things unfold for us. We declutter all the self imposed restrictions and beliefs that are obstructing us. In the process, we attract things that have meaning and purpose for us.

This soul aligned transformation process eases the burden of behaving what we are not  and shows us path of authentic self expression.

How does the process works?

Book this session online.  

During the session, I will check into your Akashic Records for 15-20 minutes and then reveal you your soul profile. 

All Akashic Record sessions are online unless if you live in Austin Texas suburb area and want to have this session in person. 

If you are facing any life issues/stresses then please book "Situational analysis " session.


Akashic Record -Situational Analysis  

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We all face different challenges in life. If you have any challenges/ issues that are making you stuck and blocking your day to day life or is causing major setback then this session may be the answer. In this session, you would be able to find (in your Akashic Record) energetic root cause behind these issues.  It will also provide you action plan and soul level consciousness which will help you to not repeat similar patterns. 


In this session you can ask about you problems related to relationships, career, mental and emotional issues and even issues with your property ( that you own). 


Once you inform me of the problem, I will take 10-20 minutes to find the blocks and restrictions and will be able to inform you about the karmic and energetic reasons behind the issues. 

If you start taking given actions without repeating non-serving Karmic patterns, you may be able to solve the issue. 

Three Important Ethical Considerations: 

1. I do not go in other person's records without their consent. Therefore, during the session, we will focus on your Karmic and energetic blocks and restrictions.

2.You will be completely responsible to take actions with your reason, logic and free will once the analysis is given. 

3. I do not involve myself in "telling future". Future is never fixed in records and you can change your destiny according to Karma you create. Besides, looking at future is not empowering and can likely misalign us as we do not recognize our true soul potential.



Akashic Record- Energy Dynamic Mastery

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This session is specifically for clients who want to correct their action patterns by decluttering all actions that are not working for them and are taking away their vital force energy.

In this session, I will be able to tell 2-3 exact energetic exchanges that you are involved in that are draining your energetic potential and is misleading you. I would be able to guide you about the area of life that you are using these energetic patterns as well. 

I will be able to give you guidance on what soul strengths , soul powers and/or law of Karma you need to focus on to improve your soul aligned journey.

All this information will increase your soul consciousness.

Homework will be given during the session to not just bring awareness but to actually experience soul conscious transformation.

Akashic Record Property clearing

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Who Benefits from this property clearing session?

Your Home is an energetic Entity!

Something that deserves your attention and love!

This is a  highly recommended session for new home ( or Business) buyers, for people who have difficulty selling homes or if someone has a feeling that the house is just not "right" for them. If someone is not getting the peace and happiness or has faced difficulties after purchasing a particular property then this is a right session for them as well. 

This session includes Home space energy clearing/Work space energy clearing of both residential and commercial property. You can schedule this session if you are "Owner" of the property. Each property is an energetic entity. It can get affected by multiple blocks and restrictions such as negative thought forms, earthbound or destructive souls, anger spears and any such energies can affect property and its inhabitants.


Once I get permission to clear property by owner, I go in Akashic records of the property, find exactly what is affecting property and then inform the Owner what the energetic issue is. After bringing the problem in the consciousness of the owner by discussing the findings, I do energetic clearing of all negative blocks and restrictions of that property in Akashic records at the end of our session. 


Akashic Record - Soul Realigment

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This session is combination of Soul Profile session, Situational Analysis session and energy dynamic mastery sessions of Akashic Records. 


Craniosacral Therapy

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Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle yet very effective and non-invasive technique where it relieves compression and blockages in craniosacral rhythm by using gentle pressure on head, neck, back and other body parts such as thoracic outlet, diaphragmatic outlet and pelvic floor muscles.


By normalizing craniosacral rhythm it brings bodies own ability to heal itself! Cerebrospinal fluid flow is normalized by removing "blockages" from the normal flow and deeper relaxation stages are achieved similar to deep sleep. In such relax state body initiates its own healing response.

What conditions Craniosacral Therapy can help with :

  1. Stress and tension

  2. Body ache/pain

  3. Migraine and headaches

  4. Disturbed sleep cycles/ Insomnia

  5. Spinal misalignements

  6. Fibromyalgia

  7. Mood changes

  8. Dissonances in mental conditions

  9. Digestive Issues

  10. Body's biomechanical issues such as shoulder pain

  11. TMJ issues

It takes anywhere from 3 to 10 sessions depending on the condition for Craniosacral therapy to be effective.

My Sound Spa sessions also have Craniosacral Therapy component.


Sound Therapy

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Sound Therapy has the immense potential to help us reach a calm and peaceful state and there is a deeper sense of spirituality that can be experienced even with one session. Therapeutic sound is one healing tool that can be used to balance and harmonize self. It has ability to cleanse old stagnant energies and restore our natural resonance. 

I offer sound therapy services both online and in-person. For in-person session please contact me.  For online session, you can book it  on Book online page. 

I perform chakra balancing, meridian balancing and biofield cleansing. I incorporate crystal healing and Reiki to enhance the effect. All assessment are one and a half hour and following sessions are one hour thereafter. 

Before each sound therapy session, I talk to client in detail and together we come up with exact intention. After each sound therapy session I do provide clients with my energetic findings and give them action plan/Sound related homework.


Sound Spa

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Awaken and Align with this online Reiki, craniosacral therapy and Sound Therapy combination session! 
This is a in person session. Please connect with me first for online session.  
In Sound Therapy, we release the unwanted energies, thought forms and lighten the body and in Reiki we introduce a gentle healing energy. In craniosacral therapy , we balance craniosacral rhythm that will give us a balance and harmonious feeling to achieve deeper relaxation and restoration. 
We start the session by setting correct intention, then I perform Sound therapy , Cranioscaral Thearpy and Reiki as per client's needs for the session to achieve deeper relaxation states. 

Sound Spa session decreases stress significantly, relaxes mind and body, releases emotional blockages to brings back balance and harmony.