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Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment is a Volunteering Clinic to understand future of health and wellbeing of humankind.

The wellbeing of All depends on how much we devote ourselves to Goodness in the world. 

Please follow your regular medical and holistic treatment path.


If you continue to have disease and pain without clarity or solution at site then you can book QMA session below.


I am doing this work as a Volunteering service. QMA Assessment of Collective Or Individual Karma and it's consequence at individual or collective level will reveal much needed clarity behind what client's responsibility will be to heal collective Karma along with some Individual Guidelines.

Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment sessions will be Free (as I hope in the future it will be Government Organization ).


It needs collaboration of Government and it's employees such as DNA scientist, Quantum Physicist etc. 

My part in such Organization will be to give Context regarding Karmic Science and it's relationship to diseases with Pain and Disease assessment and helping with research to the best of my abilities.

Please read Consent form completely before booking the session.

Click for the Consent Form here. 

Peace and Stay Well!

QMA Assessment

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