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Case Study: SIBO

Updated: Mar 23

Exploring the Quantum Connection: How Quantum Holographic property is Changing the Way We Understand our Health. Example SIBO:

Case Study of a Client : Quantum Visualization with QMA

Quantum Holographic Property : Main Principle: What exists in the Macrocosm also exist in the microcosm level. : Book Reference: Quantum DNA Healing by Althea S. Hawk

Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment focuses on Collective Karma.

Below example represents a real case study with a real client. History is taken followed by visualization that client saw herself.

History Notes:

SIBO: Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.

Since 4.5 years

Carnivorous diet- Naturopath Recommended

20 years -> IBS-> Constipation, Flatulence

Gluten Free ( 8 Years)

No Libido

Loves work, loves Family

Good sleeping & exercise habits

Weight is good. Watch weight closely.

"I feel better, clothes fit better,

Confidence in self" -> when weight is right


Visualization Cues:

  1. Red Heart

  2. Outline of a person's face. ( Therapist thought that maybe a Twin Flame).

  3. Brakes, car light. Red light everywhere

  4. All the cars in a distance stops

  5. Dark outside. Brake lights of the car.

  6. Lot of people getting in a car and driving away.

  7. Some people (seeing), standing up.

  8. Some people pulling into parking lot-family.

  9. They are in the Car. Don't know what they are doing.

  10. There were 2 people, one person saying L shoulder ->

  11. Saw ABC

  12. Bunch of people sitting around table & talking

  13. Saw a dog.

  14. Mirror on a door.

  15. Might be herself in the mirror & has steps going down.

  16. Going down stairs.

  17. Brain Client feels like her brain doesn't give her everything.

  18. Walking, going up different levels of concrete

  19. See more cars, Random Cars.

  20. See some some cars, Random Cars.

  21. See some puddles, driving by Puddles.

  22. Dog ran away

  23. Kids leaving & going to college. Youngest daughter looking at me from above & I kind of feel sad.

  24. Busy working. But also had wonderful times with daughter.

  25. Person on window- 2nd or 3rd floor.

  26. Kids at fence, talking. Elementary age. Sitting on grass.

  27. Outline of woman's face or actual face.

  28. Probably family -> face of a woman

  29. People running away -> Concrete -> only see bottom of their feet running away.

  30. More cars on a highway. During day.

  31. Some people talking to each other.

  32. While car backing up, White Hatchback. Business Partner drives hatchback.

  33. Related to her. She is very good but at the same time client feels she makes her feel like pins & needles.

  34. Did SIBO started when partner working with her.

  35. Stomach hurt due to worry about client.

  36. Worry -> not letting go of business partner.

  37. Stomach likes to let go of business partner.

  38. Client feels really good when her business partner left at some aspect.

  39. client said she do have voice. Partner & client rough when partner voices questions.

  40. If partner doesn't meddle, client feels good.

  41. Bigger picture of money- client will feel good.

  42. yes -> A

  43. Getting handle of Budget, keeping distance from business partner & working in peace.

  44. Massage -> grounding, body talk

  45. Moving both girls to college - > move from apartment to home. Burden on paying for college & home. Money stresses started & will be gone in June due to daughter payment for college.

  46. Stress -> causing issue.

  47. All 3 of them has hypoglycemia ( husband & 2 daughters).

  48. Has to look pretty when goes outside.

  49. Saying +ve things about family to see if client feels better. [ such as my husband is good, my mother is good, my mom is good].

  50. Stomach felt better when suggested to meditate on saying or wishing peace & happiness & health to whole world.

  51. Intestinal issue at local level may be bigger issue at world level as per Quantum understanding of Prajakta. Therefore, give peace & happiness to world. Body Cues: 1. Low Back Pain -> when needs to rest 2. Upper back pain -> when stressed -> lower back

SIBO represents a bacterial overgrowth in small intestine. Our current outside world needs healthy microbiome. #CollectiveKarma #QMA #HolographicQuantumProperty
SIBO and Quantum Holographic Property


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